Welcome to the world of Bedu Creations, where art meets technology and creativity knows no bounds. We’re not just a clothing store, we’re a hub of innovation, a canvas for artists, and a platform for AI to showcase its artistic prowess.

Our journey began with some adventurous spirits who dared to dream, dared to push boundaries, and dared to believe in the limitless possibilities of creativity. We saw the potential in merging the worlds of art and technology, and thus, Bedu Creations was born.

Our store is filled with t-shirts that are more than just clothing items - they’re pieces of art. Each design reflects our personality and style. They’re quirky, they’re beautiful, and they’re sure to make you smile. But it’s not just about creating eye-catching designs. We’re committed to making a positive impact on the world.

We believe in sustainability and that’s why we use eco-friendly materials in our production process. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We align ourselves with causes and initiatives that resonate with our values, contributing to a better world one t-shirt at a time.

But what sets us apart is our desire to experiment with AI, to push its boundaries and explore its creative potential. We believe that creativity should have no limits, and with AI, we’re taking it to new heights.

Our goal? To provide you with high-quality t-shirts that aren’t just comfortable but also bring joy to your day. But we’re not just selling t-shirts, we’re building a community. A community of art lovers, of tech enthusiasts, of people who believe in making a difference.

So come join us at Bedu Creations, where every t-shirt tells a story, every purchase makes a difference, and creativity knows no bounds.

The Airlume Difference

Our Signature Cotton Quality begins at the thread level. Each design decision affects how our garments feel, so we have scrutinized every detail. We wanted soft, yet strong, breathable, yet luxurious, while still practicing sustainability.

What is the end result?

The purest cotton in the game - made from scratch.


We only use eco-friendly dyes and efficient dye machines, which use 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturer, saving 24 million gallons a week.

Clean Cotton

Raw cotton is dirty, and those impurities make your tees feel uncomfortable. We created the cleanest cotton possible from scratch, combing out up to 30% of raw, contaminated cotton until it meets our high standards.

Long Staples

Our super-soft fabric is thanks to our long staple cotton - keeping our yarn smoother even at the microscopic level.

Soft Fabric Tailored Fit. & Made to Last

Our design team has mastered the art of tailoring with over 100 years of combined experience in the garment industry. We tailor each style to the body, using models of every size, and guarantee our sizes are consistent from style to style - removing any uncertainty when you shop. The best part? Our tees are all pre-shrunk, looking just as good on the 1st wear as on the 50th.

  • We only work with companies that meet the following requirements:

  • People First

    The well-being of workers is a top priority. No exploitation is allowed, and facilities must meet the highest standards of factory and workplace quality. They must be platinum certified by W.R.A.P, an independent organization that ensures fair manufacturing practices.

  • Virtually Zero Waste

    Companies must be committed to protecting the environment.

    They should recycle almost everything that cannot be turned into a t-shirt, transforming scraps into things like baby bibs, stuffing for furniture, and filling for dog beds.

  • Water Reduction 

    Companies must use environmentally friendly dyes and efficient dye machines that need 4x less water than average clothing manufacturers.

    They should filter and reuse the water they do use.

  • Energy Saver

    Companies must use alternative energy to power their manufacturing facilities and provide electric charging stations to encourage their employees to go green